We know finding your people in grief is hard, so that’s why we wanted to create a community of people moving through the process of grief. A group of people able to join together and discuss their grief, find fellowship and solidarity as we come together to gain support from people at different stages in their grief journey. This group will meet monthly and be led by a licensed grief counselor who will bring in various topics, activities, journal prompts, information and more aimed at helping members sit with, cope and feel your way through grief.  This group is going to be a safe space filled of people who GET grief. 

Where: Virtually via ZOOM

When: Begins Sunday September 5th and will meet the first Sunday of every month

Who: All people age 18 and over who have lost a loved one are welcome

Fee for group: $35 per group. Contact us for payment plan options.

Group will be led by Green Door therapist and certified grief counselor Anna Finnegan, LSW.

To apply to register for group, email group leader: anna@greendoortherapy.com

We will ask a few questions and seek to create a good fit experience for all who attend.

Read Anna's blog posts:


Led and created by Green Door Therapist Bre’Shey Kimball, Black Women Exhale is a support group experience for Black women.


"This virtual group will be a nonjudgmental, empathic, and relatable space for members to share their thoughts and feelings as they navigate their worlds. As you may have experienced, the Black woman often has to bottle up her thoughts and feelings in order to just "make it" through the day. And we do it with our heads held high. We are not often given a space to just...exhale and be. My goal for Black Women Exhale is to be that needed space." -Bre'Shey 

When: Tuesdays at 8pm for 6 weeks beginning 7/26/22 

Where: This will be a virtual group via Zoom.

Fee for group: $30 per session

***Members who purchase their spot by 7/13 will receive the early bird discount of $25 per session for group! Spots are limited to 8 members!

Full payment before the series begins is preferred to reserve your spot. Payment plans options are available and can be discussed based on need and circumstances. Our goal is to not allow finances to be a barrier for participation.

Sign up by e-mailing group leader Bre’Shey Kimball (breshey@greendoortherapy.com) or call 630-384-9560.

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If you are navigating career changes and challenges right now, you are not alone. These past couple of years have changed what work and career life looks like for many of us. We hear many people share that that have been dealing with changes related to working remotely, adjusting back to the office, job unpredictability, increased stress, change of job roles, loss of a job, and/or burnout. 


In the midst of these unique job changes/challenges/decisions, important questions arise like…

What are my career values and goals at this time?

How has my mental health been impacted by the experience of my career and what do I need going forward?

How do other responsibilities, financial needs, life changes, and family needs of our time fit with career life?


If you are craving a space to reflect, re-set, and consider what moving forward with your career looks like for you right now… this workshop is for you!


Group will be a virtual (Zoom) workshop where participants will be led in personal reflection, journaling exercises, activities to clarify values, and learn a few stress management skills. Participants will be invited to speak and have their camera on OR simply join to engage individually in the prompts/activities and utilize the space for personal reflection.


Where: Virtually via ZOOM

When: Sunday June 5th, 9-10:30am

Who: All people age 18+ who are dealing with job changes, job stressors, and facing decisions regarding their jobs.

Workshop fee: $30

Group will be led by Green Door therapist Alex Ziemann, LPC. Alex has experience working in career counseling and with people making career changes and decisions. Group will be co-facilitated by Co-Founder Bridget Caragher, LCSW, CDWF.

To apply to register for group, email group leader: alex@greendoortherapy.com 

We will ask a few questions and seek to create a good fit experience for all who attend.

Spots are limited!