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We all have times in life where we feel like we are at a crossroads...

During times of change, loss, growth, and struggle…

it is common to experience symptoms related to anxiety and depression.

You may be coping with physical symptoms as a result of stress.

Maybe you have issues with sleeping, eating, or self-care.

You may even have urges to engage in unhealthy behaviors.

Your experience is unique.


We will address your symptoms from the lens of what you are experiencing.

This means... that while we are experts at treating client’s coping with

mood and anxiety disorders, eating disorders, substance abuse and

dependence disorders, and more… we also value seeing your story as

well as your symptoms. We acknowledge the way our environments

and systems in which we live impact us all. We will validate your

perspective, honor your resilience, and proceed with empathy always.


We believe that we are all doing our best to cope when life gets hard.

And we strive to be a comfortable place for people to go to explore, feel, cope, and grow.








Rates and insurance

We are in-network with various insurance companies including Blue Cross and Blue Shield PPO, Aetna, Cigna, and United Healthcare/Optum. It is important to check with your insurance company to see if counseling services are covered in your plan. Contact us directly to discuss how we can support you and determine if we are a good fit.

Contact us to learn more about sliding scale fees for out-of-pocket sessions. 

Access to our online portal (for existing clients)


All clients will have an account on our online portal where they can have access to their billing information and our practice documents. 

We can help you face this crossroads with interactive, engaging, and creative therapy support. Your time with us will not only include talk therapy, but may include mindful walks, creating art, engaging in activities, creating goals, and practicing helpful skills. We want you to leave session feeling supported and empowered.

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