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Image by Kimberly Farmer
Image by Marius Masalar


 A note from our Co-Founder Bridget Caragher


In the emotional days after I lost a close loved one, I started a playlist titled "Grieving (and their name)." I slowly added songs that reminded me of them, songs that felt like grief, and songs I discovered that made me feel less alone in all of my feelings. If you are like me and you enjoyed the recently popular show "Shrinking" on Apple TV... you will remember the scenes where they show characters "grieving hard" to music for a few minutes a day... and that is me!

I know and believe in the importance of "feeling our feelings." Keeping things inside, avoiding, numbing, and staying busy is not sustainable for our bodies and hearts. Sometimes, something like a playlist, can be the route to feeling. It can be the way to feel connected to our experiences, to release, and to feel less alone. 

Because we believe in sharing and experimenting with creative ways to feel... we made some playlists for us all! Check out our Green Door Spotify account for playlists for grief, for anger, for when you want to practice self-love, and more! 


Stay tuned for a list of our recommendations coming soon!

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